When the Right Outdoor Media is the Key

The right use of outdoor media can greatly amplify the creative message, making the communication more impactful and prolonging retention. I read about the following two amazing executions I recently:

Referenced from Campaign Brief Aug 2011, a police recruitment campaign via M&C Saatchi, Auckland was brought to life through ambient outdoor media. The media featured real experiences of police officers on walls near where the events took place. Street artist, Otis Frizzell, stencilled images of the scene, harnessing the outdoor medium - in this case, the wall angle, to tell a compelling story.

“What Goes Around Comes Around” – is a brilliant “public service” anti-war outdoor poster campaign for the Global Coalition for peace (by the School of Visual Arts - Art Director: Jeseok Yi (New York, NY) Creative Directors: Frank Anseimo/Alfred S. Park/Richard Wilde, and Writers: Francisco Hui/Willaim Tran). The posters were designed to wrap round pillars, thus reinforcing the concept of war’s cyclical nature. The media aced the meaning of the content with simplicity and impact.

Pictures referrenced from Design Deliberation

A similarly amazing execution I had seen was Caltex’s reverse graffiti in Singapore in 2008/09. Brilliant.

Which other outdoor campaigns you know where the Right Outdoor Media was the Key?