Boomgates - Accident!

Technology advancement created boomgates advertising at car parks. An unique medium with a captive audience since there was always a 15-20 second delay as the driver reaches out to pay the operator or take a ticket from the booth. Last year, TPM had installed several boomgates advertising displays in Singapore for Mini

Some years later, technology is eroding this cost effective medium, in the words of an experienced marketer:-
"With the ERP technology (cashless/ wireless cash deduction device), and all the means to try reduce tail-gating drivers, the boomgates swing upwards too quickly and sometimes, even before the car reaches the boomgates... How can see??"
But a great creative may still provide some saving grace, the copy on the following creative reads "In an accident? Make sure you have a ready plan that suits your needs"....

Date spotted: 1 Nov 2008
Location: Auto-Mega Mart