F1 Singapore: No Trees were Harmed

The SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX has attracted unparalleled attention as the world's first night race. It is also the first F1 to be held in Singapore. The race route will be street circuit along tree-lined avenues that runs through the heart of the city.

Wait a minute - "tree-lined avenues".!

While the tree lined avenues do present a picturesque imagery, the proliferation of trees in Singapore is no small matter. In fact, these trees are a constant challenge to us in the outdoor advertising industry in Singapore as they create viewing obstructions to outdoor advertisements on the building facades. Unfortunately, trees in Singapore are also considered the jurisdiction of our highest authority; in fact it is His pet project since the 1970's. There is hardly any good reason to trim or re-locate a tree for commercial reasons. NOT EVEN THE F1!

Thus no tree was harmed or fell for the F1. But a cross-government body was set up to redesign the route and allocation of the Pit Building and a further millions of dollars required to re-locate and trim all of the obstinate trees…