Why is there No More Neon Advertising in Singapore?

A recent newspaper article focused on outdoor advertising (esp. on neon advertising) in Singapore: While government regulations has been relaxed since 5 years ago, the number of neon advertisements has dropped from 4 large format animated neon signs to only 1 left in the Chinatown area in Singapore.

The article also discusses several interesting factors contributing to the lack of neon advertising - mainly from government restrictions to lack of advertisers' interest and environmental concerns. It concludes that - no matter, the use of high technology lighting in outdoor advertising will definitely go far in contributing to the brightening of Singapore and increasing the overall vibrancy of our city island.

Another interesting web-article focuses on the need for regulatory improvements with the advent of digital outdoor advertising. In fact, with digital outdoor, the number of media spaces has been multiplied infinitely within the same physical space and the speed and low variable costs now allows for some special uses:

"One outdoor advertising company in Madison, Wisc., partners with local and state law enforcement to offer the digital billboards for Amber Alert messages for missing children, trumpeting the fact that an emergency message can be displayed within minutes of a request."