ART-vertisement Makes a Garden out of Singapore

Someone mentioned to me before that Singapore is not a Garden, but a plantation. Yes, it is a very green country, but so are the palm tree fields across the causeway. Not a pleasant comment, but it does seem true.

But with ART-vertisements, the normally placid lawns and trees get a good splash of colour and vibrancy. That’s the difference between a garden and a plantation as a garden it is a place to interact and have a good time with nature, furnishing and decorations.

The current ART-vertisement featured at the Raffles Green at the Raffles MRT station is even more meaningful as it spreads a strong environmental message. This is a clipping feature from TODAY newspaper on 25 Mar 2008. Guess the editorial says it all…

TPM was also part of another ART-vertisement display in Singapore at 5 locations. Read more here…

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