Re-Branding of TPM Outdoor Productions

TPM Outdoor Productions Pte Ltd has been rebranded!

Our new logo is appearing everywhere since last Monday on 7 May 07. No particular thought to why we chose 7 May, I guess it is the day that we finally got all our collaterals together to launch this properly. Our new logo is done with LED lighting within and changes 7 different colours. Will show you in a video next time:

So now we have our logo on our office premise, on our vehicles and also on our letterhead! We are also having our first brochure finalised for printing next week. Did I hear someone say "Finally..."?

We'll be distributing our new brochure and re-introduce our company with our new collaterals. Do hear from us soon ;)


DailyDOOH said…
Nice logo, love the idea of using LEDs and the different colours. Folks always forget to do their own-branding - a subject we covered here

keep in touch with what you up to in APAC