Daikin: Mr Inverter is Everywhere!

Confused?Believe me, so was our TPM Outdoor Productions team when we first received this job order! It was a total of 13 display sites to be put up within the shortest period in the month of April for one of our larger client - Daikin Air Conditioning Singapore (through Posterscope SE Asia). The total number of outdoor advertising displays was:

3 backlit lightbox displays
4 trivisions (3 message) / graphic sticker displays
6 frontlit (banner) displays

We used scaffolding, boomlifts, gondolas, spidermen/ supermen (yes, our whole team is really the inspiration for Marvel Comics, you know) and WOW! TPM put up 13 island-wide displays across Singapore such as in the major shopping belts - Chinatown and the areas targeting Industrial consumers - Lavender and Jalan Besar. These displays were printed and installed between10-24 April! Less than 14 working days, our team was well worked to complete every installation single-handedly with no hiccups.

We were challenged, but we were determined and now we have prevailed! Heh. As another of our larger clients would say - "Impossible is Nothing" ;)

TPM Outdoor Productions is also the same team that executed this similar network buy for Daikin Air Conditioning last year in Jul-Aug 2006 and for Isuzu/ Opel around Nov 2006.