Salute to Mini drivers!

By Chris Ong

Nothing beats the feeling of assurance and satisfaction after purchasing a new product or owning one of it. Be it the newest iPhone or the new pair of Nike shoes that you bought, we love the feeling of being appreciated and also to be assured that we have made the right choice.
Mr Bean might have made it even cooler, but owning one of the few mini that are zooming in the roads seems like a dream to me. They are always such a pleasant thing to watch when they drive pass me.

As a form of gratitude and a salute to these mini “heroes” out there, mini came out with one unique campaign to let them know that they are special and appreciated.

Along the streets of London Cromwell Road, these digital outdoor billboards are out there “recognizing” the mini drivers out there to change the message accordingly. Spotters will be out there taking note of the mini’s model, Color and also gender to trigger the billboards along the roads to display the corresponding messages, this ingenious way of using the interaction on the roads to capture the attention of the divers really intrigues me.

"Hey Red Mini, What's Your Secret?"

Looking Hip there red Mini

Greetings, Black Mini

Let messages like “Hello there blue Mini drive” or “Hey Cream Mini, what’s your secret?” to greet you in the morning when drivers are heading to work. A “Thank you” gift at the end of the road which ranges from a good morning breakfast to a tank of free petrol will be given to the lucky driver that was spotted.  
Imagine the feeling of the other commuters along the road when your car was “Greeted” on the large billboard, I bet there will want to own a mini of their own too. Just like how Mr Bean acknowledge the same Mini that Emma de Caunes drove.

Read more about this campaign here.