Google Android Phone from Singtel

We recently completed the media booking and print, installation production for the Google Android Phone from Singtel.

We do not usually recommend boomgates advertising for 2 key reasons (1) Limit to size of visual whereby display height ranges from 0.08m-0.30m only . (2) Lowered chances to view advertisement message thanks to the speed of the boom gate/ car park barrier arms' operation. A victim of technology progress, no thanks to the Singapore ERP system for car park operation.

But this car park boomgates campaign by "Google Android Phone from Singtel" is really a very special creative execution whereby the Android itself takes centrestage in the whole creative. Every time a vehicle passes through the carpark boomgates it would seems like the Android's little arm is lifting the barrier arm. Thus the Android is quite the little enabler isn't it?

Above: Entry boomgates at Golden Shoe Carpark; Below: Exit boomgates at Plaza Singapura

Locations: Bugis Junction, Plaza Singapura, Golden Shoe, Funan The IT Mall, Tampines Mall, AMK Hub
Format: Car park boomgates/ Carpark barriers
Date: May 2009