What is ESL (electron-stimulated luminescence)?

While we are still exploring the full potential of LED lighting into the different realms of lighting application esp. in our field for outdoor advertising - out pops a new form of energy efficient lighting technology. Sounds like it will only be better news for us!

Dubbed as the ESL, this form of lighting technology has been patented by Vu1. ESL also stands for electron-stimulated luminescence. From Cleantechnica:
"The technology works by using accelerated electrons to stimulate a phosphor coating on the inside of the glass bulb. In contrast, incandescent bulbs run a current through a filament inside the bulbs, and LEDs stimulate semiconductors to create light."

ESL also claims one up on CFLs and LEDS as "Vu1 claims that their bulbs do not have the trace amounts of mercury that CFLs contain, and they do not require the manufacturing energy of LEDs."
As I am not a technically trained in lighting, does this means that the glass bulb here may also translate into any shaped glass with a phosphor coating? Sounds a little like neon lighting! If so, what's the colour palettes available? - I sense a new revolution for lighting art coming up soon..!