Billboard TV Shows - 2014 Emmy Winner - Mad Men

It has come to my attention like too many years later - that the Emmy Winning Drama Series - Mad Men set in the vintage 1960's where advertising execs are mavericks and spinners of marketing gems that ignites the awakening aspirations of consumers in America.

“Happiness is a billboard on the side of the road that screams with reassurance that whatever you’re doing is OK.”
Pictures taken from the the Daily Billboard.

Pic from Daily Billboard: Don Draper = "Behind every pair of our glasses is a man with winning character.. and much more"

Pic from Daily Billboard: Peggy = "You are a natural. Like our silk pressed powder. Not too heavy. Not too light. It always performs perfectly. And so do you. 

The billboards placement of the Mad Men characters of Don Draper, Betty, Pete and Peggy are well positioned to dominate the major cross junctions as they offer themselves "in consideration" of the upcoming Emmys in LA 2014.