"The Truth Is... "By the New York Times - Billboard by NYT

what struck me as interesting was that both the Adweek articles - "Trump Lashes Out at New York Times Ad Set to Air on the Oscars Tonight" and The New York Times Joins the Debate About the Truth in Minimalist Ads From Droga5" was that both articles used the billboard version of Droga5's stripped down campaign for The New York Times to head the article.

The billboard message is strong, bold and says TRUTH. It is hard to get away with murky information when the billboard is anchored at the busiest cross junction in downtown New York City or anywhere in the world. That's the power and impact of using billboard advertising.

There is no other more important time than now for the New York Times to take on this campaign. Well worded by Adweek -
In a world of fake news and alternative facts, The New York Times is asserting the primacy and importance of the truth—and the role independent journalists play in searching for it, and telling it—in a big new brand campaign from Droga5.
Stripped-down TV, print, outdoor, digital and social ads tackle head on the sense of eroding faith in the knowability of the truth, and acknowledge that what’s asserted to be the truth in today’s hostile and oversaturated political media landscape is often just opinion, or even outright lies.
This TRUTH IS campaign's takes place via TV, print, outdoor, digital and social. Highlight being a 30-second spot that will air on the Academy Awards on Feb. 26.

It has also gotten additional attention when President Trump lashed out about it via twitter (thank you very much)

 Ever since I watched the movie - Page One: Inside the New York Times - details here via IMDB.com the NYT has been facing the challenge of getting news fastest AND most accurately.

In this age of citizen journalism and Huffington post, what's the costs and risk of publishing unverified "news" and how can we safe guard well established and principled newscasters that wield key communications channel remain principled in their reporting - The Truth Is...Alternative facts anyone?