Happy National Day Singapore!

The Singapore's National Day 2008 will be celebrated in style and fun at the Marina Bay floating platform this year. We are turning 43 years old!

One major highlight is the usual fireworks display that always captures the audience's oohs and ahhs. But recently, multimedia technologies including projections and Giant LED screens are also lending their brilliance to the special night. A short research on Wikipedia summarizes the use of multimedia over the years:

2003, PIGI projection technology was used, the same technology used for the 2000 Summer Olympics Opening/Closing Ceremony.

2004, the "Biggest LED Screen" in Singapore, measuring 31m x 7m, consisting of 23 separate panels in width and 7 panels in height was used. This setup is also one of the largest outdoor screens in the world. In this year, for the first time, public could send national day greetings via SMS/MMS that will be shown on this LED screen.

2005, "Panoramic Screen and Still Image Projectors" were used. The Panoramic Screen is made up of 26 individual screens each measuring 10m by 6m. Still Image Projectors were used to project the colourful images onto the screen. Also 2 large LED screen, each measuring 8m by 6m, will be used to screen numerous videos and ‘live’ feeds .

2006, same as 2003 is using PIGI projection technology, at the centre of the stadium, a giant Light Emitting Diode (LED) screen is able to split into six smaller screens to provide a powerful visual impact.

2007, "water curtain" - 30 metres high and 90 metres wide, with visual effects provided by six image projectors.

2008, "LED Mash" - consisting of thousands of tiny LED lights which will form a gigantic video screen.


Just so you know what to expect this year! Counting down 6 days from now…!