Stay Curious

TPM Outdoor Productions is infecting little pieces of green around your office and leisure places with red and round balls. What's more is that YOU can bring any of them home immediately. The first location is at the lawns outside Raffles Place MRT station. But there will be more locations coming up, so keep a look out at your nearest piece of field, for you might never know.... ;)

We are proud to be part of the "Stay Curious" campaign. While many have guessed at the end client, I shall not reveal it here. Hopefully such an event will also increase the public's awareness for out-of-home media to connect these interesting balls to the "Stay Curious" lightbox displays around the malls and MRT stations that is happening concurrently. More pictures on that and its follow up projects coming up in our next update.

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Unknown said…
need to fix it... it says stay cu r os now...